2014 Sailing Instructions

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Arklow Sailing Club

Sailing Instructions – 2014

1. Rules
The Racing will be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 (RRS), the prescriptions of the ISA and by these sailing instructions.

2. Entries
Eligible boats shall be entered by registering with Arklow Sailing Club.

3. Safety
The safety of a boat and her crew is the sole responsibility of the boat’s owner/owners representative.
Arklow SC shall not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, material damage, personal injury or other claim arising from any participation in racing organised by Arklow SC.
It is recommended that lifejackets or other personal buoyancy clothing be worn by all competitors while racing.
It is recommended that all boats shall comply with the ISA Yacht Safety Equipment requirements for Category A.
Competitors’ attention is drawn specifically to the Racing Rules of Sailing – Part 1 – Fundamental Rules.

4. Insurance
Each participating boat shall be insured with adequate and valid third-party liability insurance against any loss, material damage or personal injury at all times.

5. Disclaimer of Liability
Competitors participate in the racing organized by Arklow SC entirely at their own risk. See Racing Rules of Sailing – Rule 4 – Decision to Race. Arklow Sailing Club will not accept any responsibility/liability for any loss, material damage or personal injury or other claim sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after racing.   

6. Notice to Competitors
Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located at the Sailing Club.

7. Changes in Sailing Instructions
Any changes to the sailing instructions will be posted at least one hour before the start of a race on the club notice board.

8. Schedule of Races
Races are scheduled as per the club calendar. If a postponed or abandoned race is to be re-sailed, it will be rescheduled within one hour of postponement or abandoned respectively.

9. The Course
For ‘round the cans’ races, the course to be raced will be chosen by the OOD from the Course Card and notified to competitors via VHF Ch. 14 prior to the start of the race. In certain circumstances, the OOD may notify competitors of an alternate course. Details of other races will be posted on the Club Notice Board at least 1 hour before the scheduled start of the race.

10. Marks
Arklow SC racing marks are positioned approximately as shown on racing course chart. Navigational buoys can also be used as race marks. Any other racing marks to be used will be described in the race notice.

11. The Start / Finish
Races will be started using Rule 26 and as modified by ASC. All signals will be given by the OOD by VHF on Ch. 14. There will be no visual signals used. This alters Rule 26
The start /finish line will be one of 3 established start/finish lines using the Red, Black and Yellow buoys at the Start/Finish area identified in the ASC racing course chart.
Competitors are to call their time of finish to the OOD on VHF Ch. 14 and additionally they should also record their own finish time/elapsed time from their GPS.

12. Recalls
Rule 30.1 is in force for all  ASC races – Also known as ‘Round the Ends Rule’.
“If any part of a boats hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the starting line or one of its extensions during the last minute before her starting signal, she shall thereafter sail from the course side across an extension to the pre-start side before starting.”
If boats fail to observe this rule, they will be scored OCS for that race.

13. Shortening of Course
If a course is to be shortened, the OOD will call the racing fleet on VHF Ch. 14 in advance of the leading boat approaching the next mark The OOD may decide to finish the race at that mark or to proceed to the finish from that mark. The OOD shall notify competitors if the finish line is altered as a result of the race shortening.

14. Penalties
Rules 44.1 and 44.2 shall apply.
If a boat breaks 1 or more rules of Part 2 in an incident while racing she shall take a “2-turns” penalty. If a boat breaks Rule 31 (Touching a Mark) she shall take a “1-turn” penalty.

15. Time Limit
For “Round the Cans” races from the ASC course card on Saturday, the time limit shall be 2hours 45mins. Boats failing to finish within 45 minutes after the first boat finishes in her class or within the time limit, whichever is later, will score DNF. This changes Rule 35.
For “Round the Cans” races from the ASC course card on Wednesday evenings, the time limit shall be 1hour 30mins. Boats failing to finish within 30 minutes after the first boat finishes in her class or within the time limit, whichever is later, will score DNF. This changes Rule 35.

16. Protests
One boat protesting another must notify the boat being protested and fly a red pennant (Code Flag ‘B’) at the earliest possible opportunity after the incident. Protests shall be lodged in writing on official protest forms and delivered to the OOD within 1 hour after the time of the last boat’s finish of the last race of the day. Protests will be heard as soon as possible. Race results will be provisional until the conclusion of a protest hearing.

17. Handicaps, Results and Scoring
Results for all races will be calculated using the ASC Club TCF handicap system.
The low point scoring system from RRS 2013-2016, A4 will apply and modified by rule A9.
Boats that are DNF, RET, OCS shall be scored points equal to boats racing + 0
Boats that are DSQ shall be scored points equal to boats racing + 1
Boats that are DNS, DNC shall be scored points equal to fleet entered + 1
There will be one discard allowed for every four races are sailed in a series.

18. Radio Communication
All boats must carry a VHF radio to receive the starting signals and other race information from the OOD.  This information shall not constitute ‘outside information’ as described in the Racing Rules of Sailing and alters Rule 41.